“We owe these women our thanks.” –Al Franken

Wow, talk about empathy.

KABC Los Angeles news anchor Leeann Tweeden has accused Democrat Sen. Al Franken of kissing and groping her without her consent. And she has a photo to prove it.

The incidents occurred when both were doing a USO tour in 2006.  Franken has now apologized –despite claiming he doesn’t remember –and thereby admitted guilt.  Sordid details can be found here.

Franken responded to the Tweeden’s story shortly after its publication Thursday morning.

“I certainly don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit in the same way, but I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann. As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done it,” he said in a statement to CBS News.

 Big Al the alleged Senator certainly shouldn’t have done it, just as he shouldn’t have “joked” about raping Leslie Stahl, but the fact that he did puts the Democrats in something of a tough spot.

We’ve been subjected to the moralizing and high dudgeon of swamp creatures for many days, as they discuss what should happen to Judge Roy Moore, and then up crops yet another example of the predatory sexism of the Left, the Democrats, the Progressives.

Moore is running in a special election for Jeff Sessions’  former Senate seat against Dem. candidate Doug Jones. We haven’t heard much about Jones or his qualifications for office. That’s because the entire race now turns on a flood of sexual assault allegations from women –then teenagers –who dated Moore 38 years ago. Sordid details can be found here.

The Democrat party has a very, nay extremely high tolerance for predatory behavior towards women on the part of its men. One need only think of Mrs. Clinton’s husband, including his many excursions on the “Lolita Express.” Yet they are outraged when it is found that an adult man dated a teenager, regardless of the legal marriage age in the state, regardless of the parents’ consent or even encouragement, regardless of the mores of the time and place.

(It’s sort of like the national debt. The Democrats can spin up a debt that will beggar our grandchildren without hesitation. The dismal failure which was Obama’s “Stimulus Package” is a case in point. Yet let the Republicans pass a single tax relief bill, and the Democrat fretting begins: “Howwillwepayforit? Howwillwepayforit?”)

Also interesting is the fact that at the time of his alleged improper behavior with minors, Roy Moore was a Democrat.








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