Dream On

Here’s an idea:

Since Pres. Trump has ended Obama’s illegal DACA program, why don’t Mexican citizens brought to the US illegally by their parents display their national pride and desire for public service by returning to Mexico?

Now that they’ve been brought up in America, educated in American schools, and exposed to freedom-loving, equality-minded Americans for so many years, what could be better than to bring that education back to the land of their birth?  And do something to make Mexico the kind of country that people are not constantly trying to leave forever?

Of course, Dreamers have the not-inconsiderable handicap of having learned early that if you,  personally, can benefit from breaking the law, you should do it.  But you have to start somewhere.

And many Dreamers will have learned subsequently that breaking the law will sometimes cost you dearly, and not just at the hands of rival drug traffickers.

Together with Mexicans who have never left their country,  Dreamers can start working to reform their legal system, to  make laws that are reasonable and just, and reflect Mexican values,  and that are enforced equally whether the lawbreaker is a local bandito or a federal judge.

Mexicans can start working to raise the age of consent in their country. In many Mexican states, that age is currently 12. Sex tourism and child prostitution are not what a country should aspire to be known for.

Cockfighting, dog fighting, and yes even bullfighting could be outlawed or heavily regulated, so Mexico would no longer be a safe space for blood sports.

And instead of relentlessly claiming to be victims of racism here in America, Dreamers could return to Mexico to tackle the pervasive racism in their own country.

Mexico could start emphasizing education, job training, skilled industry, instead of going north to work as somebody’s maid or gardener. And being seen as “hard workers”, who nevertheless rate low pay.

Mexico is the 2nd largest supplier of imported oil to the US. Yet remittances from Mexican emigres to their families back home is the country’s 2nd largest source of income, surpassing tourism and agricultural exports.

Maybe some of those Dreamers with degrees in economics, in business or management, in government, in IT fields, might feel a tug of loyalty to their homeland, a desire to see their own country do well, and return to Mexico to apply their expertise where it might do so much good.