Hate Trumps Democracy –if Democrats Have Their Way

There are some things Democrats just won’t put up with.

Like allowing the lawfully elected President to take office without endless challenges to his legitimacy, endless evidence-free insinuations of electoral interference, endless calls for violence against him and his supporters.

And today we saw that the Democrats can really get behind that “gun violence” thing.

Read Ann Coulter – June 14, 2017 – THE ‘RESISTANCE’ GOES LIVE-FIRE


5 thoughts on “Hate Trumps Democracy –if Democrats Have Their Way

  1. I stay away from politics—I was finally put off when I overheard a woman in a shop explaining why she voted for the now incumbent mayor … “Whenever there’s a school gala Day, he dances with the children~!”

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    • Ha! There were probably some that didn’t vote for him because he dances with the children.
      When I lived in Texas, most of the people I knew weren’t registered to vote because they didn’t want to be called for jury duty.
      Sometimes you wonder about the voice of the people.

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      • In New Zealand we are ‘democratic’ on one day every three years.

        That is the day we go to the polls to elect our dictators for the next three. (It’s always a choice of oral medicine from strychnine, arsenic, and cyanide …)


  2. As to gun violence. it seems that all (or at least most) of these shooters have been liberals and Democrats. This goes back many years. Conservatives and libertarians do not go out and shoot people like we see hundreds of times each year in the US in recent years.

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    • In New Zealand we have some pretty tough ‘gun laws’ and still people go out and shoot people. At one stage the Swiss were compelled by law to keep weapons and ammo in their homes, and they set the record for not shooting folks.
      There has to be something else to it …


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