That Old Russian Collusion

Despite his decision last November not to pursue  prosecution of Hilary Clinton, President Trump may have no choice, depending on what former FBI Director   Mueller ‘s independent counsel probe turns up.

Any investigation into Russian interference in “our democracy” must include an examination of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s close ties with Russia, contributions from Russians to her family’s Foundations, and her eventually enabling Russia to obtain 20% of US uranium reserves.

As Peter Flaherty writing in The Hill says

No investigation will be complete or credible, however, if it does not include a review of the relationship between the Russian government and its favored business entities with the nonprofit Clinton Foundation, and political and business associates of the Clintons.

Unlike the inferences that have been made about President Trump and his campaign, many of which rely on rumor, innuendo, conspiracy theories and deliberate falsehoods, the Clintons’ extensive relationship with Russian interests has been documented and reported by some of the nation’s leading journalists.

In a Fox News interview, former Speaker Newt Gingrich pointed out that the Clintons have extensive ties to Moscow, and received foundation donations while Hillary was the Secretary of State.

Bill Clinton received $500,000 from a Russian investment bank for a speech in Moscow while Hillary was secretary of state, Gingrich reminded the audience.

Between 2009 and 2013 a Canadian company involved in a uranium deal with Russia donated millions to the Clinton Foundation, which then Secretary of State Clinton failed to disclose, despite a promise to President Obama to do so.

The New York Times has also published pieces about Clinton / Russian secret deals, which have proved quite profitable for all involved.

So if Comey’s BFF Robert Mueller wants his investigation to be taken seriously, he will have to direct some of his attention to the other side of the campaign as well, rather than simply continuing the witch hunt against the President.



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