All Terror, All the Time

Yet more Islamic terror attacks are being reported in the UK, this time from London.

The eyewitness told the BBC that a van veered from side to side along the bridge, slamming into groups of people, and even throwing one woman “20 feet in the air.”

The eyewitness described injured people lining the bridge in the wake of the van’s path. According to the London Ambulance Service, at least 20 people have been taken to six hospitals following the London Bridge incident. The BBC is reporting that more than one person has died.

Witnesses reported seeing a van slam into a bus stop and hitting a bus, attackers stabbing people with knives, and several incidents of gunfire. The attacks occurred on London Bridge and at Borough Market.

Beware, the “holy month of Ramadan” still has weeks to go.


One thought on “All Terror, All the Time

  1. One thing we do know—the attackers weren’t Muslims.

    Islam is the great religion of peace, compassion, and mercy … … … no?


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