Barry Green Saves the Planet

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Barack Obama made a climate speech in Milan on Tuesday.

He traveled in a private jet. Then he and his entourage entered the city in a 14-car convoy.  And a helicopter.

Three hundred security and law enforcement officers danced attendance.

The former president and his wife spent the two-day trip at the 44-bed retreat Borgo Finocchieto at a cost of $20,000 per night.

That’s some footprint, bwana. And to think Al Gore caught hell over his Escalade.

Barack Obama is making the most of his two-day trip to Italy by reportedly staying at a sprawling $20,000-a-night hilltop villa in Tuscany and a five-star hotel in Milan.

The former US president met former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Monday and will speak about climate change at a sold-out conference on Tuesday. 

He arrived in Italy’s business capital by private jet with his entourage and reportedly took over two floors of the Park Hyatt hotel – where presidential suite rooms cost almost $10,000 a night.

Obama’s speech was on “the intersection between climate change and food security, two issues that have long been an Obama focus,” alleged USNews.  The event was sponsored by Seeds & Chips, which lists as its “institutional partners” The World Food Program (a UN organization), UNIDO (the UN Industrial Development Organization), The European Commission, The European Parliament, and the European Committee of the Regions, among others.

So much of the hot-air fest was paid for by the taxpayers of the world. Mr. Obama’s fee is not being divulged but it has been estimated to be as high as $3.2 million.  Hey, food security doesn’t come cheap –at least talking about it doesn’t.


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