Liar, Liar, Birds on Fire

Did you know there are only 133 individuals left of the Mexican Grey Wolf species? That’s because Donald Trump is building a wall on our southern border. Never mind that a total population of 133 individuals probably doesn’t provide enough genetic diversity to sustain the species. Or that the Mexican grey wolf has been on the verge of extinction for decades. If it goes extinct, it will be the fault, not of the Mexicans and Southwestern Americans who have been persecuting the species since before it had a name, but of President Trump and his promised wall.

So distraught is the Environmental Industry over the President’s wall that Arizona member of Congress Raul Grijalva, and local environmental group the Center for Biological Diversity have filed suit demanding that the Trump Administration complete an Environmental Impact Study before the wall is built.

Environment huckster Jeff Corwin of Animal Planet network assured MSNBC’s Craig Melvin that the wall will be a disaster for wolves, jaguars, tortoises, bats and birds.

Better be careful about those 100 migratory bird species. Between the death by fire of the environmental disaster called mirror arrays, and the slice-and-dice obstacle courses which are wind turbines, the migratory bird population can’t take much more.

Nothing says “environmentally responsible” like super-heating the air and killing birds in a most horrible way. Maybe the wall will actually help the migratory bird population: they can stay south of the wall to escape the environmentalists.

Mirror array “solar farms” like the “Crescent Dunes solar energy project” outside of Tonopah, Nevada (pictured today on Bing‘s homepage)  scorch birds and set them on fire in mid-flight. The Wall Street Journal reported that this danger was known before the project was built.

According to Nature World News

It’s no secret that solar power is hot right now, with innovators and big name companies alike putting a great deal of time, money, and effort into improving these amazing sources of renewable energy. Still, the last thing you’d likely expect is for a new experimental array to literally light nearly 130 birds in mid-flight on fire.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened near Tonopah, Nevada last month during tests of the 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project.”

“According to Rudy Evenson, Deputy Chief of Communications for Nevada Bureau of Land Management (NBLM) in Reno, as reported by Re Wire, a third of the newly constructed plant was put into action on the morning of Jan. 14, redirecting concentrated solar energy to a point 1,200 feet above the ground.”

“Unfortunately, about two hours into the test, engineers and biologists on site started noticing “streamers” – trails of smoke and steam caused by birds flying directly into the field of solar radiation. What moisture was on them instantly vaporized, and some instantly burst into flames – at least, until they began to frantically flap away. An estimated 130 birds were injured or killed during the test.”

“Officials behind the project have refuted that claim, saying that most of the streamers are floating trash or wayward insects, but federal wildlife officials have begun calling these ‘eco-friendly’ power towers “mega traps” for wildlife.

The same Center for Biological Diversity  that is suing the Trump administration has estimated that this single mirror array project incinerates 28,000 birds annually.

Add this death toll to the estimated 573,000 birds killed by wind turbines in 2012 and even an environmentalist might become concerned.

Image result for birds killed by wind turbines


2 thoughts on “Liar, Liar, Birds on Fire

  1. Besides death and destruction wind farms create $ for a privileged few. I have read, taking the info at face value, of the farm area required to replace a convention power plants output and the night time ground temperature increase due to the constant air mixing. Solar is probably a bit better. More panels on roofs instead of cluttering the landscape.

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