That’s Not Terrorism. That’s a Hate Crime.

A Muslim screaming “Allahu Akbar” murders three in Fresno. As usual, authorities aren’t sure whether or not it’s terrorism.

Source: Muslim Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Murders Three In Fresno by Robert Spencer.


3 thoughts on “That’s Not Terrorism. That’s a Hate Crime.

  1. Too bad he didn’t do his dastardly deed at work. The cops and media could have added workplace violence. Anything but terrorism. I am surprised hate crime was used. That is usually reserved for crackers. I don’t like “hate crime”. Crime is rarely an act of love.
    The victim is just as dead no matter what term is used. Hate crime is a feel good phrase. A few years is added to the sentence and people are supposed to think progress has been made. Someone kills me and too bad he was in the wrong place. If that same someone kills one of “them” for the same reason it is hate. It is strictly an appeasement technique.

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  2. The answer is simple (and simplistic): all literature advocating violence should be banned, with draconian penalties for non-compliance. Any Moslem not liking that to go home forthwith (Mecca will welcome them in a true spirit of Jihadic fiendship) and never be allowed back.

    A bit rough on Abrahamics, but Bibles and things could be sanitised so that only the nice bits are left in. Win/win …


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