Old Queen All Dressed Up

. . . as Kellyanne Conway’s grandmother.

Patrick Stewart Drag Kellyanne Conway

And he looks just like her! Except uglier. And with enough make-up to be a hijabi.

Sir Patrick Stewart, of course, isn’t gay (wink, wink.) He simply enjoys dressing up as a woman.

Well who doesn’t???

Also dressing up as a woman is Kate McKinnon.

Leading lady: Conway is currently played by Kate McKinnon on SNL (above McKinnon with Alec Baldwin as president Trump) 

Why, she looks exactly like Kellyanne Conway! Except uglier. And with lumpy “sidethigh.” And with what could charitably be mistaken for a baby bump. Don’t skip the gym, Kate!

Standing next to Kate is Alec Baldwin, who is trying to portray the President. After the eight year ban on portrayals of the president on comedy shows, these guys just can’t stop! Of course, it might not be Alec Baldwin, but is probably a life-size hologram or something, since surely Alec Baldwin must be in Canada by now.

Speaking of pathetic, instead of actual comedians portraying President Obama, which would be, you know, offensive, we were subjected to eight years of Obama on talk shows pretending that people think he’s Al Green. And what’s more pathetic than that?

Unless it’s pretending you’re still the president, and setting up a ménage a trois a few blocks from the White House.

Even Michelle can’t put up with it, and will be continuing her lifelong series of months-long vacations, with all that secret service protection at taxpayer expense.



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