Media Meltdown

MSNBC Host: It's Media's job to control what you think

The members of the Ministry of Truth are in a snit.

It’s been eight long years of mandated laudatory coverage of our first half black president with no dissent tolerated.  Any divergence from the Party line was met with accusations of racism. And instant banishment resulted should one mention any unflattering facts, any illegal conduct, any outright lies, on the part of The Great Expiator.

Then the media did their best to get that lying fraud Hillary elected. They hounded Trump for every trifle, while ignoring massive corruption, flagrant lies, and blatant slanders perpetrated by his opponent. They assured us all on an hourly basis that Trump had no chance, that every poll showed that Hillary was way ahead, that she had all but won based on early voting, that she was already assembling her cabinet, etc, etc.

And then she lost. And every network had their whole, and wholly Democrat, staff sitting up all night, waiting for Democrat operatives to somehow find that mythical warehouse filled with uncounted Hillary ballots that would save them. Alas!

But now things are different. Members of the media can compare President Trump to Hitler, suggest he may be mentally ill, speculate about possibilities for impeachment, call him a racist, accuse him of various forms of hate against numerous oppressed groups,  claim he has a secret alliance with Putin,  and still be genuinely mystified –and insulted –that he won’t call on them in a press conference.

They can support attempts at recounts, which can’t be completed because of massive fraud in Democrat-majority districts. They can claim “them Rooskies” interfered with the vote, without a shred of evidence of any kind. They can rely on the speculations of the “intelligence community” that they excoriated during the campaign. They can report on every townhall meeting –those same townhall meetings they ignored for eight years –as if the and BLM brownshirts in attendance were a more accurate gauge of the electorate than the electorate. And the bloody violence, the destruction of property, the assaults, the intimidation?  Not newsworthy.

What’s newsworthy to the media is the nightly national weather report, wherein cold winter weather, and warm summer weather, are depicted as strange aberrations to be blamed on “climate deniers” and other Republicans. And don’t forget the annual California mudslides, which, every year, year after year, are breathlessly reported by the members of the media –who were, after all, journalism majors.

They think Americans believe what they say. They think that appealing to the authority of the likes of Mika Bzrezinski and Joe Scarborough will convince Americans that lies are true. They are wrong.






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