Gloria Steinem, Still Circling the Wagons

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At the Women’s March last Saturday, one of the speakers was feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

You remember. She’s the one who, in the 1990’s, betrayed everything her life had stood for up to that moment to help circle the wagons around then-president Bill Clinton, accused rapist and groper, who had an affair with a White House intern and lied about it to Congress. Her “one free grope” doctrine made feminism a joke for the last couple of decades.

On Saturday, in a speech filled with lies, near-lies, and distortions, she had this to say:

[C]ollectively violence against females in the world has produced a world in which for the first time there are fewer females than males.

But we can be much more specific than that. It is not some random “violence” that has changed the male-to-female ratio on the planet. The sea change can be laid at the door of the People’s Republic of China, and their one-child policy.

In 1979, China began a policy limiting married couples of Han descent (91% of pop.) living in urban areas (51% of pop.) to one child only. Ethnic minorities and those in rural areas could apply for exemptions, and there were a few other exceptions made. The Chinese government hoped  thereby to achieve what famine and the cultural revolution could not: zero population growth.

The result was a frenzied effort to detect the sex of a fetus as early as possible, so that female fetuses could be quickly aborted. Those women who had the misfortune of bearing a girl child and became pregnant again in hopes of having a boy, or who simply wanted to have another child, were subject to forced abortion, and even sterilization. The number of abortions rose to five times that in the US, with an estimated 400 million abortions attributable to the policy.

Violations of the one-child policy could result in fines, loss of employment, and loss of government assistance –crucial in China’s controlled economy. So  there were a few other problems as well: abandonment, neglect, and infanticide of unwanted girls.

Feminists who support abortion rights harp on “choice” for a reason, the idea being to make motherhood voluntary, to leave the decision of whether or when –or how many times — to become a mother up to the woman.

The tragic coincidence of a millennia-old disdain for women in Chinese culture,  a coercive totalitarian government that denies the right of individuals to make their own life choices, and the technology to abort those with the undesirable trait of femaleness, has resulted in a “bachelor surplus” of about 30 million men in China.  Add to this the families that might have had several girls while trying for the treasured boy, and the loss of girls has had consequences for the global population.

The one-child policy was ended by China in October of 2015. They now have a two-child policy, which might actually exacerbate the problem.

The question is why the outspoken Gloria Steinem won’t hold a left-wing totalitarian regime responsible for its own crimes against women, even while she decries the effect of those crimes, and ironically  in the same speech insists on the right to abortion “without government interference.”

And why she condemns violence against women, but won’t name the source of unconscionable violence against women today, from enslavement, to rape, to acid attacks, to honor killings, to FGM ( hint: starts with “Is”, ends with “lam”).  She instead declares her solidarity with Muslims, and shares a stage with the anti-woman anti-semite sharia advocate Linda Sarsour.

As was apparent  during the Clinton debacle, “Democrat” and “feminist” are not synonyms, yet Gloria Steinem too often sees friends among the enemies of women.  When the current progressive agenda runs into conflict with feminism, feminists will be the first tossed aside.


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