Women’s Rights are Human Rights, and Islam Respects Neither

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of women and men converged on Washington to protest the democratic election of Donald Trump, and his barely-begun presidency.

Many wore what they called a “pussyhat.”1485138661490

Western-style pussyhat:

thThe hat is pink, and has a clever design, so when it is placed on the head, it gives the effect of ears, like a pussycat. It also of course represents a slang and, to many, derogatory term for the female genitalia.

Compare the Islamic-style pussyhat:

niqab-1 I think most of us can agree that there’s nothing fun or clever about that. It is designed to remove women from the public sphere, to remind them and everyone else, that they are the private property of a man, who owns even the sight of them, which only he, as owner, is allowed to see.

The Western pussyhat alludes to a phrase used by Donald Trump in a private conversation with another man eleven years ago. He said, “grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything”–which is gross and rude, (not to mention a little perplexing), but not the silliest or stupidest thing one man has said to another when bragging about his success with women. It also betrays some surprise on his part at what women let him get away with because of his fame.

It is far different from the Islamic approach to pussy, which in its most extreme form involves cutting off the clitoris, and its hood, and the labia minora, then scraping raw the insides of the labia majora, and sewing them closed, with a stick inserted to form a single opening to allow the release of urine and menstrual blood.

It’s almost unbelievable, isn’t it?

The whole procedure is most often performed without anesthesia (think of that for a moment), or sanitary conditions. But even if done in a hospital, it is an irreversible mutilation and deprivation, which benefits the girl or woman in no way. Women who have been subjected to “excision and infibulation” have to be cut open to permit intercourse, and later childbirth, meaning that their living flesh is cut open and resewn repeatedly throughout their fertile lives.

There are less ferociously misogynistic forms of female genital mutilation (FGM). Some involve only lopping off the clitoris and the labia minora and most of the labia majora without scraping and sewing. Sometimes just the clitoris is cut off.  Sometimes just the tip of the clitoris is removed.

Can these practices be reconciled with feminism? with human rights?

There is a vast difference, an unfathomably vast difference, between cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood and cutting off the genitalia of the female population.

The Women’s March was infested with Islamic activists and apologists: CAIR, Linda Sarsour,  Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Those who support human rights cannot make common cause with those who accept Islamic supremacy, FGM,  gender apartheid,  the religiously-mandated murder of  gays, sex slavery, child-rape, and the rest of the Islamist agenda.


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