Maxine Waters Won’t Stink Up the Inauguration

“Poverty Pimp” Maxine Waters declared she won’t be attending the Trump Inauguration, that she”[doesn’t] like him and [doesn’t] respect him”.

It is hard to exaggerate the comfort and reassurance Trump supporters experience at the news.

Maxine Waters, 78, is most notable for the multi-year ethics investigation of her, starting in 2010 when she was charged with violating House ethics rules. While the investigation failed to find sufficient evidence to convict her, it uncovered enough corruption to permanently taint her tenure in the House.

An L.A. area artists’  collective festooned her district with the pictured posters.

Not the sort of thing your average member of congress likes to encounter upon leaving their out-of-district mansion in the morning.

Rep. Waters is also famous for her support for the  implementation of Sharia law in the US. She believes that those who oppose sex slavery, child rape, and the imposition of the death penalty for homosexuality are bigots and fear-mongers.

Maxine Waters  believes the Russians came up with the phrase “Crooked Hillary”, and that Donald Trump should be impeached for using it.

Best wait until after the inauguration, Maxine.

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