John Lewis, Icon

                                                       I’m an icon

Rep. John Lewis, often described as a civil rights icon, is also an enemy of democracy, a malicious liar, a slanderer, a racist, and a friend to America’s enemies.

He is a hero for our times, famous not for what he has done, but for what was done to him. He was severely beaten and suffered a skull fracture at the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma Alabama in 1965, in a confrontation between Alabama State Troopers and peaceful black protestors, in what became known as “Bloody Sunday.”

That’s why John Lewis knows it’s okay for him to insist that Donald Trump is not the legitimate president-elect.

Even though Director of National Intelligence James Clapper acknowleged that we do not know if the Russian hacks were at the State level, that “no one believes” they had any effect on the vote tally, and that “we have no way to gauge that”  in any event, John Lewis knows he can accuse the duly-elected next president of our country of being illegitimate,  democracy be damned.

That’s why he can accuse Tea-party members of calling him and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus “n*ggers” even though video of the alleged incident proves it never happened,  and then just go blithely on without explanation, embarrassment or apology.

That’s why he can boycott Netanyahu’s speech to Congress against lifting sactions on Iran. And can address Congress in support of “peace” and the Iran deal.

And that’s why he’s skipping the inauguration.

(Also not attending will be Maxine Waters, Yvette Clarke, Jerry Nadler, Mark Tekano, and Ted Lieu, and they’re still  passing around the sign-up sheet. It seem like the Democrats are practicing for when the only Democrats in DC work in the Mayor’s office.)

John Lewis knows that icons are never questioned, never challenged, never asked to account for their behavior, never expected to lose the chip on their shoulder, and always treated as if their every word contained the wisdom of the ages.

And never taken seriously as anything but an icon.




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