Immigration Surge, Deportation Trickle.

ice deportation protest

The total number of illegal aliens deported from the US during 2016 represents a 73% drop from the number deported in 2009.

The Center for Immigration Studies has issued a new report which reveals that the number of illegal aliens deported by Immigration   and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in 2016 totaled 65,332, or about one half of one percent of the estimated 12 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States.

The CIS noted that those 65,000 reflect a 73 percent drop in removals from 2009, when about 240,000 illegal aliens were deported from  the U.S.

The number of criminal aliens ICE deports annually has decreased by about 60 percent since eight years ago.  ICE reportedly removed 60,318 criminal aliens from the US, which accounts for about 98 percent of the total deportations. The number of criminal aliens removed dropped 60% from its peak in 2010, when about 150,000 criminal aliens were deported.

According to the report,  only aliens convicted of felonies, significant misdemeanors, or three lesser misdemeanors are considered priorities for deportation.

CIS’s report revealed the Obama administration has deported only about 5.3 million illegal aliens compared with President George W. Bush’s 10.2 million. In the mid-to-late ‘90s, President Bill Clinton was responsible for deporting nearly 12.3 million illegals.



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