“Four People” Arrested for What Might Just Possibly Be a Hate Crime

. . . depending on how you look at it.

Four black teens have been arrested after they tortured a mentally disabled white man and streamed their crime on Facebook Live. The Washington Post is reporting that they have –surprise! –been charged with hate crimes in the racially and politically motivated sadistic assault.

Officials did not elaborate on what prompted the decision to seek the hate crime charges. Investigators had been looking at whether the victim was targeted for his race or, instead, he was targeted for his mental health challenges. Under Illinois law, it is a hate crime to commit battery on someone due to a physical or mental disability as well as their race.

In addition to the hate crime charges, some of those charged Thursday were also facing additional counts of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated unlawful restraint. All four are scheduled to appear in court Friday afternoon. It was not immediately clear if they had attorneys.

Chicago police on patrol said they found the disoriented victim walking down the street Tuesday in shorts, despite the frigid cold, and took him to the hospital for treatment. They said he was mentally disabled and appeared to be “in crisis.”

The victim is an 18-year-old mentally-challenged white man whose identity has not been made public.

On Wednesday, the four people were being held on suspicion of abusing and torturing the man in a brutal assault police say the group streamed on Facebook Live, which allows users to broadcast real-time events from their mobile phones and has increasingly been employed to air disturbing and often criminal conduct, along with personal rants, cat videos and hoaxes.

Police declined to give the race of the attackers or the victim. In the video and mugshots released by authorities Thursday, the attackers appear [to be] black; the victim in the video appears to be white.

The arrests of the perpetrators make them the most recent victims of the “mass incarceration” inflicted upon African Americans in our “racist” country, dashing their hopes and endangering their aspirations for the future.

Symone Sanders, former press secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign, reminds us that “we cannot callously [sic] go around classifying things as a Hate Crime.” Of course not. It’s not as if four white teens tortured and terrorized a mentally challenged black man for allegedly supporting Obama.



2 thoughts on ““Four People” Arrested for What Might Just Possibly Be a Hate Crime

  1. There used to be a sensible approach in our legal systems – if you commit a murder then that’s a murder unless there are mitigating circumstances. Mitigating circumstances might be for example where a wife has an abusive husband who beats her and one day she snaps and stabs him with a carving knife. Even this concept has been weakened by the fact that political correctness has also taken over our courts.

    Murderers also went to prison for a long time (or were executed) but now they get token sentences. A case in point – Afghan national beheads his tenant in the Netherlands and is released after only 7 years! Then he comes to the UK and attacks an airport staff member yet is released, then he goes on to commit another attack on 2 policemen with a hammer during a burglary:


    The Western world has lost its sanity, there is really no other way to describe it. Time to drain the swamp and kick out our entire current establishments.


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