Muslim Teen in Danger?

Yasmin Seweid, the Baruch College student who claimed she was attacked by “three Trump supporters” while onlookers in a subway station did nothing, has been arraigned on two misdemeanor charges.

But the frightening aspect of the story is her altered appearance. Gone is the hijab she wore to cover her hair, and which she claimed her alleged assailants tried to pull off her head. In its place, and in place of her long hair, is a very close cropped haircut –no hijab needed. Also gone is any trace of makeup. Or smile.

Teen made up story about anti-Muslim attack on subway

The young woman recanted her assault story to police, claiming she made it up out of fear of angering her father after she spent the night out drinking with friends. She then disappeared for a week, and was later found at her sister’s home in Fishkill, NY.

 Saweid had been having problems with her strict Muslim Egyptian family in North New Hyde Park because she is becoming “Westernized,” one source said. Those problems were aggravated when they learned she was dating a Catholic, the source said.

Seweid was released without bail early Thursday after her arraignment in Manhattan. She left with her father and was escorted by court officers.

A young man threw a dark jacket over her head — with her once-long hair shorn in a buzz cut — and then helped her into a black SUV before they drove off.

Neither Seweid nor her Legal Aid attorney, Benjamin J. West, would comment, and she did not speak inside the courtroom either.

Let’s hope that her friends, or her attorney, will be able to check on her, since she may now be in real danger. Not from fictional Trump-supporting attackers, but from her own family.

For more information, click here.


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