Can the Democrat Party Survive?

Intra-party civil war seems inevitable as party splits between traditional leftists and alt-left islamophiles.

It’s a union boss’s nightmare. They used to be concerned only with controlling public contracts and placating the Mob, while extorting salary and benefits concessions until no public employee was pulling down less than 90k a year. Now they find themselves having to make nice to fat queens running the school board, and multi-culties  in shrouds raving about somebody opening their can of diet coke.

Adult children attending this country’s most exclusive schools are acting like Trump killed their dog. And being treated like toddlers who missed their nap time by school administrators. Then they all go down to the peaceful demonstration to beat up some elderly white people and accuse the President-elect of genocide. 18-year-old Muslim women accuse white men of assault, only to recant hours later (no doubt under torture.) Social media is filled with death threats against Trump, white people, and Trump voters. There have been rape threats against Mrs. Trump.

And no one has made good on their promise to leave the country.


1.  Stop The Rape Threats

Do Democrats really need to be told this? After all the many months of insisting that we need a woman in the White House, and calling Trump a misogynist, and accusing him of sexual assault over a conversation, Democrats have decided to call for the rape of the future First Lady.

Obama must disavow. Michele must disavow. The Clinton clan must disavow. LGBT leaders must disavow. The self-styled leaders of what used to be feminism must disavow. Pelosi must disavow. Reid must disavow. Keith Ellison must disavow. BLM must disavow . Every sanctimonious sneering Democrat “journalist” in this country must disavow. All must denounce  the misogynistic threats of sexual violence against the family of a politician they disagree with, or the Democrat party has forever lost any claim to credibility or respectability. Or basic human decency.

2.  Stop The Racism

Here in America, we long ago decided that it is morally wrong, and contrary to the founding principle of equality before the law, to descriminate against anyone based on their race. Again, one is dumbfounded that the Democrat Party apparently didn’t get the memo. Or has deleted it.

The Democrat Party must stop the white-shaming. It must stop the grouping and tagging. It must stop creating public policy based on demographics. Despite the fervent devotion to identity politics of our outgoing President, the Democrats must find some other basis on which to value individual citizens.

3.  Remember Your Base

This is a tough one for Democrats, because the modern crop of the Party sees all white people (including the one in the mirror) as hateful bigots. Democrats don’t dwell on Party history much, since it includes support for slavery, support for,  and membership in, the KKK,  contempt for the Armed Forces and veterans, and disregard for the aspirations and struggles of great swaths of the citizenry based on their race.

For example, the war on coal is also a war on the overwhelmingly white workforce in the coal industry.

The Democrat Party believes it can savage its traditional white ethnic base, and simply import foreign nationals to make up the deficit. So how’ s that working out?

4.  Remember Your Country

This is the United States of America. America should be the top priority of an American political party.

Not Mexico, not Syria, not China, not the EU. Not the UN. Not climate change. Not the Poor Palestinians.™

5.  Stop Pandering to Muslims

Muslims have a different religion from the overwhelming majority of Americans. This fact does not entitle them to special consideration, suspension of law, concealment of their identities when they commit crimes, an out-of-proportion voice in public affairs, or freedom from criticism when their practices are at odds with American life.

They don’t get to refuse a cab ride to disabled people with a service dog. They don’t get to have their own courts. They don’ t get to kill family members. They don’t get to plot the overthrow of the government. They don’t get to incite felonies. They don’t get veto power over who can speak at public universities.

And they don’t get to take over the public school system, or teach the tenets of their backward, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, supremacist religion to public school students on the taxpayer’s dime.

The core values of Islam are completely at odds with the core values of democracy. The Democrat party must choose.

Just pretend they’re Mormons.


One thought on “Can the Democrat Party Survive?

  1. The answer—but impossible (r) totally impossible to implement—is
    simply “teach all to think”.
    You know, to rationalise.
    For themselves. Using the simplest of terms, from the earliest of ages. Open discussion, nothing off the board or unallowable.

    Will never happen, though, but I can dream …


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