Fear Not, Your Holiness

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There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.                 Galatians 3:28

What is one to make of this Pope?

He is the champion of every ‘progressive’ cause in the known universe. He refuses to condemn Islamist murderers, let alone Islam or jihad per se.  He blames murder and crime generally on poverty and an unjust social order. Yet when the question is the ordination of women, he says “never.”

In response to a question from a Swedish reporter on the papal plane, Pope Francis said

 “On the ordination of women in the Catholic Church, the last word is clear.”

He cited the apostolic letter, Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, written in 1994 by Pope John Paul II, who has since been canonized. The letter said that ordaining women was not possible because Jesus chose only men as his apostles.

“It was given by St. John Paul II, and this remains,” Francis said.

“Really?” the Swedish journalist asked. “Never?”

“If we read carefully the declaration made by St. John Paul II, it goes in this direction,” Francis replied. “But women can do many other things better than men,” he added, noting that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is of great importance in the church’s theology and spirituality.

And of course,  statistically,  one of the things women can do better than men is serve the Church without molesting children. But I digress.

Pope John Paul II, and Church orthodoxy, are uncompromising in their condemnation of homosexuality, for example in July, 2000:

The Pope re-affirmed the Church’s position that it would not compromise in its opposition to homosexuality.

“In the name of the Church of Rome, I must express sadness for the affront to the great jubilee of the year 2000 and the offence to Christian values of a city that is so dear to the heart of Catholics of the whole world,” he said.

He went on to deliver a catechism lesson to the crowd, stressing the Church’s belief that homosexual acts are against nature and are therefore intrinsically evil.

During his address, the Pope read from an entry on homosexuality in the Catholic Church’s catechism, which calls it “objectively disordered”.

Yet the current Pope reserves judgement.

But on the question of female priests, JP2’s word is Canon Law.

When the question of the ordination of women arose in the Anglican Communion, Pope Paul VI, out of fidelity to his office of safeguarding the Apostolic Tradition, and also with a view to removing a new obstacle placed in the way of Christian unity, reminded Anglicans of the position of the Catholic Church: “She holds that it is not admissible to ordain women to the priesthood, for very fundamental reasons. These reasons include: the example recorded in the Sacred Scriptures of Christ choosing his Apostles only from among men; the constant practice of the Church, which has imitated Christ in choosing only men; and her living teaching authority which has consistently held that the exclusion of women from the priesthood is in accordance with God’s plan for his Church.”

Funny thing is, Jesus Christ selected his apostles not only from among men exclusively, but from among only Jewish men. Not a gentile in the bunch, despite the fact that the Israel of the time was a vassal state of the Roman Empire. Pagan Romans were everywhere, all in need of salvation,  all capable of becoming “fishers of men.”  Yet Jesus chose only Jews to be his disciples.

Which explains why the entire Catholic priesthood is Jewish.


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