Voter Fraud Courtesy of Soros, Inc.

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The voting machines in use in sixteen states have been supplied by a George Soros connected company. UK -based Smartmatic has supplied the voting machines for the key battleground states of Florida and Pennsylvania, as well as Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington D.C.,  Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon,  Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

George Soros, you’ll remember, spent $33 million funding the violent protests in Ferguson, while his Open Societies Foundations bankroll numerous radical left-wing organizations.

Smartmatic Chairman Mark Malloch-Brown is a former U.N. official and sits on the board of Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Since the story first broke, the flow-chart [which appeared on Smartmatic’s website and revealed the use of the machines] has disappeared from Smartmatic’s website, raising further questions about the real status of the Soros-tied voting equipment and whether it is truly being deployed in U.S. elections.

–and also whether a cover-up is already underway. In addition

In the mid-1990s, Malloch-Brown was part of the Soros Advisory Committee on Bosnia. Malloch-Brown is also a member of the executive committee of the International Crisis Group, an organization he co-founded in the 1990s and built primarily with funds from George Soros’ personal fortune.

Malloch-Brown rented an apartment from Soros when working for the UN in New York, and

In 2007, Soros appointed Malloch-Brown vice president of his Quantum Funds, vice chairman of Soros Fund Management, and vice chairman of the Open Society Institute (the former name of OSF).

Malloch-Brown also has ties to (surprise) the Clintons, and to close Clinton associates Mandy Grunwald and Jackson Dunn.

Malloch-Brown was a partner with Sawyer-Miller, the consulting firm where close Clinton associate Mandy Grunwald once worked. She ran the firm’s communications contract with the 1992 Clinton campaign. Malloch-Brown was also a senior adviser to FTI Consulting, a firm at which Jackson Dunn, who spent 15 years working as an aide to the Clintons, is a senior managing director.

Mandy Grunwald is cuttently  senior communications advisor to the Clinton campaign, as well as a top strategist for Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

And then there is Smartmatic’s damning track record of providing the voting equipment for elections in that bastion of democracy, Venezuela:

A 2006 classified U.S. diplomatic cable obtained and released by WikiLeaks reveals the extent to which Smartmatic may have played a hand in rigging the 2004 Venezuelan recall election under a section titled “A Shadow of Fraud.” The memo stated that “Smartmatic Corporation is a riddle both in ownership and operation, complicated by the fact that its machines have overseen several landslide (and contested) victories by President Hugo Chavez and his supporters.”

“The Smartmatic machines used in Venezuela are widely suspected of, though never proven conclusively to be, susceptible to fraud,” the memo continued. “The Venezuelan opposition is convinced that the Smartmatic machines robbed them of victory in the August 2004 referendum.

No wonder Hillary Clinton seems untroubled by the fact that the crowds at her rallies couldn’t fill a church basement.

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One thought on “Voter Fraud Courtesy of Soros, Inc.

  1. Voting machines? I was thinking “Only in America” but I gather there are others in the world as foolish.

    Still, you (until disarmed by law) will always have the old reliable fall-back of Mr Colt.
    The paper-trail may be cumbersome but is a lot harder to falsify. Voting machines? Remember that fully automated airliner—“Welcome aboard. We are now at thirty thousand feet, our friendly robot cabin staff will be around in a few minutes to attend your every need. This is the first ever flight with absolutely no human staff aboard, there’s just you passengers. Sit back and enjoy, knowing that nothing can possibly go wrong go wrong go wrong go wrong go wrong go wrong go wrong go wrong go wrong go wrong go wrong …”

    (I’ll bet it was a looooong flight …)

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