Dead Can Vote

Zombies graveyard

Democrat voters make their way to the polls

There seems to be a whole lot of political activity among those who have departed this vale of tears.

New York State boasts 26,500 dead people who are registered to vote.

NBC bay area uncovered “over 25,000” dead people on voter rolls in California. CBS2 found that “hundreds” of them are still voting.

The dearly departed are turning out in droves for early voting in Colorado.

And in the swing state of Virginia, long dead people are re-registering to vote in this year’s election, which is a sad commentary on the influence of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine on those who are still alive.

In Chicago, of course, dead people have been voting for years and years. There are many counties in the state of Illinois with vote counts in excess of the number of (living) voting-age residents. The Puff Ho, shameless frauds that they are, calls this “baffling,” but I suspect many people understand exactly what is going on.

A raid just days ago in Indianapolis on a Democrat-linked voter registration project turned up evidence of fraudulent registrations across the state of Indiana.

A Pew Research study completed in 2012 found 1.8 million dead were registered to vote nationally. In addition, there were 2.75 million people registered to vote in more than one state, and twelve million registration records have incorrect addresses.

Pew suggested that the remedy for all this would be online registration, which they claimed is actually more secure than paper registration. Perhaps. But paperless registration, like paperless voting, leaves no incriminating hard copy that cannot be deleted and “Bleach-bitted.” And it makes it impossible to “flip” the vote, as happened in 2008, 2012, and 2014 that have been documented.

Many of these problems would be obviated by requiring identification –you know, like you must provide to pick up a package at the post office, or rent a pair of shoes at a bowling alley.

But, the Left argue, voting is a right —so additional requirements for exercising that right are unconstitutional.

Just like when you want to exercise your second amendment rights.


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