CBS This Morning Likens Trump to Robert Mugabe

CBS’s morning news program This Morning for 10/12/16 featured a segment from Alex Wagner, formerly of MSNBC and now a senior editor at The Atlantic.

Wagner lamented that Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that the electoral process is rigged, despite the fact that  “voter fraud is nearly 0% in the United States”.  In a country of nearly 330,000,000, one percent would be a staggering number of fraudulent votes, so one would hope that the actual number would be far, far less.  Wagner gives no source for her number, and a percentage estimate is surely not the most illuminating way to speak of the issue, as the difference between zero and “nearly zero” may be well over a quarter of a million votes or so –who can say? If Wagner knows, she’s not telling –and seems to be deliberately misleading her audience.

She suggests that Trump’s statement about the election being rigged is a “tactic” –though some, particularly Bernie Sanders supporters, would be more inclined to consider it a mere factual observation, since the DNC inarguably rigged the Democrat primaries so that Clinton would be the nominee. The DNC chair was, after all, fired for it –and was immediately hired by the Clinton campaign.

Wagner maintains that

. . . that is rhetoric you hear from emerging and weak democracies .  . . this is –and this is from the front page of the New York Times,  ironman rhetoric –this is what we hear from leaders like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

What a surprise! The one world leader Trump puts Alex Wagner in mind of is Robert Mugabe, one of the most notorious violators of human rights on planet Earth, as well as one of the longest ruling dictators. How unexpected from a member of the media!


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