Shocking New Evidence that Trump has a Libido and an Ego

Those who don’t want Trump to be the next US President are having a collective attack of the vapors following the release of an audio tape in which he uses language not suitable for Sunday school.
The upsetting talk took place in a private conversation with another man, one “Billy” Bush,  best known as the host of Access Hollywood.  He is the son of Neil Bush, brother of Jeb, et al . . ..

While admitting that it would be an “extremely unlikely scenario”, AOL news / the Puff Ho drooled at the prospect that the release of the supposedly damning audio by the Washington Post on Friday would spell the end of the Trump presidential run.

Republicans all the way up to the chairman of the National Committee, Reince Priebus,  condemned Trump for his comments. And then some started asking him to step aside. Top GOP Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois said Trump “should drop out,” and the RNC “should engage rules for emergency replacement.”

“In a campaign cycle that has been nothing but a race to the bottom — at such a critical moment for our nation — and with so many who have tried to be respectful of a record primary vote, the time has come for Governor Pence to lead the ticket,” former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman told the Salt Lake Tribune a week after finally endorsing Trump.

Three-term Republican Governor of New York George Pataki tweeted: “[Trump’s] campaign is a poisonous mix of bigotry and ignorance. Enough! He needs to step down.”

A.J. Spiker, a former Iowa GOP chair and adviser to Sen. Rand Paul’s PAC, said Trump was “unfit for public office.” “Donald Trump should resign as the Republican nominee for president,” he tweeted.

That’s right: the  Republican Establishment think the Republican citizens’ choice to be their nominee for the presidency should step aside because of off-color remarks he made in a private conversation eleven years ago.

Can anyone tell me why gentle soul Paul Ryan seems to take personal umbrage at this? And why all these grown men seem never to have met any men?

(Just for fun, click this link for a couple of videos of former presidents -and yes, the current one –  saying nasty things.)

So what will voters make of this?

It is not even plausible to suggest that Donald Trump has somehow misled voters into believing that he is not a profane and egotistical man, that he does not make a habit of speculating on the, uh . . . receptivity of attractive women to his charms, while comparing his hand size with that of other men. Nor is it news that he is a braggart and a blusterer, and a bit of a pig.

Can someone explain why the Left, who champion the likes of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, are shocked, shocked at the words of Donald Trump? By the way, Larry Flynt is endorsing Hillary Clinton for the presidency. Will she disavow?

And who can forget the parade of Democrats, and too many others, who insisted that Willy Clinton’s sexual escapades with a subordinate employee on the job were “his private life” and nobody’s business,  and certainly not the sort of sexual harassment that would have gotten any 7-11 manager fired?

Nor can we dismiss the long list of other allegations of rape and near-rape and assorted unwanted sexual attentions from Bill “Kiss it” Clinton made by dozens of women before, during  and after his time in office.  And all with Hillary standing by her man.

And now these laughably hypocritical liars have  gone all Victorian on us.

This election may well determine whether the United States will resume it’s place in the world as an economic and military power and a bastion of liberty; whether we can control our borders, and exclude those who would do us harm; and whether the rule of law will again prevail in this country. A tiresome and sanctimonious smear campaign should not be permitted to thwart our best hope.




3 thoughts on “Shocking New Evidence that Trump has a Libido and an Ego

  1. This is the only straw the neocon have to grasp. They would much prefer to have the VP step up. The press prefers to ignore the former secret service and staff stories of Hillary when she is on a rampage which by account is most of the time. The SS considers being assigned to Clinton’s as punishment. Although I read Bubba’s latest makes them good cookies.


    • I think you’re right. It seems like the Clinton campaign had the “latest outrage” in reserve to leak when Hillary needed to distract attention, like with the latest email release. I personally like Pence, but I don’t think he’s aggressive enough to take on Hillary. And it is too late to change horses anyway.


  2. American politics fascinate me.
    But I’m fascinated by politics anywhere—defined somewhere as “the election of the unspeakable by the unmentionable” (something like that). And—

    it matters not a whit who the ‘elected’ figurehead is. It’s who pulls the strings that’s interesting; and they (clever folk) are the ones your riflemen should be popping off. And give it wings …


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