Joy in Manbij


There was no joy among ISIS fighters on Friday, as the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the liberation of the city of Manbij from ISIS fighters who had controlled the city for two years.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced over the weekend a full liberation of the strategic city after more than two months of battle. Nearly 100,000 civilians were displaced in the fighting and more than 400 were killed. The city is located 25 miles south of the Syrian-Turkish border and is considered a key hub for ISIS supply routes for weapons and foreign fighters.

And there was no joy among ISIS supporters online, as they responded with vitriol to images of women removing and burning their burqas, and men cutting their beards.

Most of the anger from ISIS supporters on the group’s forum and on Telegram was directed at the women, who were also pictured smoking cigarettes. In areas under its control the terror group has imposed a strict dress code for both women and men in its territories, and banned the selling, buying or consumption of cigarettes. . . .

“Don’t be surprised if the Crusader west will highlight these impure women and will make them appear as heroes of freedom and of the rights of whoredom,” one user wrote.

But there was plenty of joy among the city’s inhabitants who welcomed the victorious fighters, which included women.

Ecstatic Syrian civilians have been shaving off their beards, burning their burqas, smoking and dancing in the streets after being freed from ISIS. . . .

Men jubilantly had their beards cut off as women ripped off their veils and set them on fire in an act of rebellion after years living under Isis’ brutal interpretation of Sharia law.

According to Pentagon spokesperson Gordon Trowbridge, the city had served as an ISIS recruitment hub for foreign fighters, and a base for operatives crossing the Turkish border.




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