That “Non-existent” Ransom Video


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On this morning’s talk shows, members of the MSM were still peddling the story of how Trump is lying about a non-existent video of pallets of foreign cash being delivered to Iran in exchange for the release of American hostages. Even on Fox, USA Today‘s Susan Page quoted the Washington Post to slander Trump,  in part relying on a hit piece by WaPo political writer Aaron Blake.

There was just one problem. Every single incident detailed by Mr. Blake as an example of when Trump got it wrong, is in fact demonstrably true:

1.The ransom video exists.

2. The police found pipe bombs in the San Bernardino terrorists’ apartment.

3. Eyewitnesses reported seeing Muslims in NJ celebrating when the Islamic terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11. (And not only in NJ, of course –who can unsee the video of that woman in the glasses and hijab ululating in the West Bank or somewhere.)

4. Black Lives Matter has called for the murder of police.

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The list goes on, and Aaron Blake is, in every instance, wrong. Maybe it’s a mistake. Or maybe he’s a liar. Here’s what he says:

But Trump’s recollection of the Iran money transfer video on Thursday afternoon is perhaps the most flagrant example of this, given his campaign explained less than 18 hours prior that his initial story had merely been his mistake — a misunderstanding.

The question is why. As I posited on Twitter after Trump brought up the nonexistent money transfer video, one explanation is that Trump is merely trolling us. He knew what his campaign said about the video, and he decided to cite it again just to get a rise out of the press.

If that’s true, it’s certainly a cynical strategy — inventing stories about sensitive foreign policy matters in order to get the press in a tizzy.

Another is that Trump’s campaign is a complete mess, and it never bothered to actually check with him when trying to explain away the video. If that’s the case, it’s also troubling, because it suggests the campaign has no message discipline and is lying to the press.

But if there’s a topic on which Trump was going to double down without any evidence and in direct contradiction to his own campaign staff, it’s perhaps no surprise that it involved Muslims.

But most of all, it’s no surprise that there really is a video, that the mainstream media know there’s a video, and that they refuse to correct themselves, let alone apologize. You know, to Trump. And to us.



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