Dhimmi Boy

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Atheist groups in the Middle East and North Africa region are demanding that Facebook, which has deleted numerous pages with more than 100,000 members for views critical of Islam, change the way it addresses violation claims so that members’ free speech rights are respected.

Recently the social media giant  removed more than six Arabic-language atheist pages due to alleged “violations” of its Community Standards. In February as well, Facebook removed more than six such pages, and deactivated ten of the largest Arabic-speaking atheist groups with a membership totaling about 100,000.

The removals were the result of heavy reporting campaigns that are organized by “cyber jihadist” fundamentalist Islamic groups, especially for the removal of any anti-Islamic group or page.
In such coordinated campaigns, very large numbers of people, and possibly automated scripts, simultaneously file reports falsely claiming that a page, group, or personal account has violated Community Standards.
Representatives of AA-MENA petitioned Mark Zuckerberg demanding that Facebook reactivate the removed groups. The petition was shared on most major atheist groups in the Arab world, the US, and the UK, and it has been supported by many prominent social media activism organizations such as Atheist Alliance International and the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain.
AA-MENA has adopted #FacebookVSFreeSpeech as the hashtag of its Facebook event, Atheism: Campaigning to regain the right to free speech within Facebook Pages. The campaign’s goal is to rally atheists and freethinkers of the MENA region and to attract the attention of relevant nongovernmental organizations and irreligious social media activists to their cause.
Now, German author Udo Ulfkotte has reportedly been banned from Facebook for discussing his new book on migrant crime. He writes:

A few days ago I announced and presented a non-fiction book there (“Grenzenlos kriminell” [Borderlessly criminal]) that I have written with the ex-police officer and best-selling author Stefan Schubert. Afterwards I was initially blocked for one day. When I presented it again I was blocked for 3 days and this morning to my surprise I was again blocked for 7 days and cannot post myself. . . .  I have been taken completely offline with the note “Unfortunately this content is not currently available”.

And all of this because the ex-police officer Stefan Schubert and I have brought to market a non-politically correct book: [Borderlessly Criminal, what politicians and the mass media are covering up and migrant crime].

And as was widely reported last month, The Gatestone Institute’s Ingrid Carlqvist had her page removed from Facebook for detailing the “rape jihad” perpetrated on Swedish women and girls by recent Middle Eastern and north African migrants. Carlqvist’s page was restored following a huge public outcry.
Organized haters can effectively quash any views they don’t want to see on Facebook, however reasonable or even popular those views might be. Facebook just can’t seem to come up with a way to respect free speech rights while accommodating the intolerance of Islam. Why, it’s as if free speech and Islam were incompatible.

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