Which Side Are You On ?

Mr. Obama yesterday attempted a scathing attack on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. But the effect was to remind some of his anger and petulance when Trump forced him to produce what Democrats accept as a copy of his birth certificate. He tried to appear above the fray, and dismissive of Trump’s points. But it was a less-than-convincing performance.

Obama, who appeared visibly angry at times during his remarks, took on criticism from Trump and other Republicans that he has refused to use the phrase “radical Islam,” calling it  a “political distraction.”

“What exactly would using this label accomplish? What exactly would it change?” Obama asked.“Would it make ISIL less committed to trying to kill Americans?

Indeed, what hope is there that Obama will call “radical Islam” “radical Islam”, when he won’t even call ISIS ISIS?

Part of the concern is  simple accuracy: a jihadi would-be martyr opening fire on military personnel at Ft. Hood while screaming “Allahu Akbar!” is not engaged in “workplace violence.” Nor are Chechan immigrants blowing people apart at the Boston Marathon “homegrown.”

But the more telling issue is that the misidentification of the threat -calling the Orlando attack “homegrown terrorism”, for example –obscures the fact that our declared enemies are Islamists, fighting the West because they consider it the enemy of Islam. They are fighting in the name of Islam, with the intent of installing Islam as the dominant belief system in a worldwide Caliphate, to which every knee shall bend. “Extreme” it is, but that is hardly the whole story. And the failure to tell the “whole truth” is lying, here in the West. “You lie,” Mr. President.

Obama’s supporters –many of them African Americans, women, the LGBT community –seem not to notice, or not to mind, how casually he betrays their interests in favor of those of a particular religious group, most of whose members in this country are foreigners.

Must African-Americans take a back seat to a group of people who are not Americans, who have a sophisticated political lobbying apparatus that makes them the “victims” in all circumstances, the Arabic of whose religion equates “blacks” with “slaves”,  and whose co-religionists enslave black Africans in their tens of thousands?

Must American women accommodate new arrivals who have a culture of contempt for, and often outright hatred and violence towards, women? If Muslims don’t assimilate to Western culture, must Muslim women in America put up with a continuation of the oppression they knew in their home countries — the gender apartheid? the hijab? the Sharia? the honor killings? –rather than enjoying the freedoms American women take for granted?

Must the LGBT community face the influx of a new population who consider them worthy of death solely because of their sexuality?

And should all these groups, many members of which have, like other Americans, endured economic hardships for the past eight years, support with their tax money an influx of foreigners who must be fed, housed, etc. until they are eventually employed?

Obama noted that he’s repeatedly called on Muslim allies around the world to push back on the “twisted interpretation” of Islam.

And what good has that done?

Hillary Clinton immediately attacked Trump, like a good little heir to the throne.

And the usual suspects among the GOP were on hand to disapprove of Trump.

Calling Trump’s remarks “highly offensive,” Sen. Lindsey Graham let us all know that he disagrees with Trump’s assessment that “there’s something going on,” and that Obama is sympathetic to terrorists.

“I think that is beyond out of line,” Graham said, adding that he disagrees with Obama’s approach to dealing with terrorist groups. “I’ve never doubted that he loves his country. ”

Yes, a number of Americans don’t doubt that Obama loves his country. We just wonder which country that is.


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