Obama a Boon to Gun Sales



On June 1, President Barack Obama appeared at a town hall  meeting in Elkhart, Indiana, for PBS NewsHour. Afterwards, the President took questions from the audience.

Doug Rhude, a gun shop owner, pointed out that some commit acts such as drinking and driving without having cars taken away from “the good guys.”

“Why then do you and Hillary want to control and restrict and limit gun manufacturers, gun owners and responsible use of guns and ammunition to the rest of us, the good guys, instead of holding the bad guys accountable for their actions?” he asked.

Obama’s reply contained a few happy points.

“There have been more guns sold since I have been president than just about any time in U.S. history.”

Yes, Mr. Obama, there is a Second Amendment.

Obama’s years in the White House have inspired millions of Americans to exercise their rights under that amendment, just in case he decides that he needn’t follow the law in that regard as well. We’ve seen enough of his high-handed lawlessness to know not to depend on his suddenly becoming a law-abiding citizen at this late date.

“And at no point have I ever, ever proposed confiscating guns from responsible gun owners.”

–because why would Obama warn the citizenry of his plans to violate the Constitution, again? We don’t expect to get advance warning in the shape of a “proposal.” We expect at best to hear the doors of our homes being kicked in, to alert us that it might be time to water the tree of liberty.

And I don’t care how many times the NRA says it.

Yes, our prez does have a problem with the NRA. Far from being the alien invaders from Mars that the president and his ilk would have us believe they are, “the gun lobby,” with over five million members, is one of the largest grass roots organizations in this country. Founded in 1871, it is also the oldest civil rights organization.

So here’s a hearty “Thank you” to President Barack Obama for instilling in American citizens a healthy skepticism concerning the good intentions of our leaders, and a  willingness to exercise the rights of the free.


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