Gaza Head Start Program

    In Gaza City, it’s time for the annual school play, in which children dress up as jihadists, with uniforms, helmets and of course, weapons.

During the play children enacted placing a bomb under an IDF tank and blowing it up, shooting mortar fire at an IDF outpost, and the simulation of a raid on an outpost with the killing of an Israeli soldier – also played by one of the schoolchildren. One of the kids was even wearing a real Go Pro camera to film the “raid.”

The end-of-year play is an annual event, but this year’s event included “advanced pyrotechnics” and the portrayal of murders and kidnappings carried out by the elementary school children.

Among the audience members was Khader Habib, a senior member of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. Habib addressed the play’s audience from the stage, insisting that “the children of Gaza dreamed to live, play, dance and sing like the other children of the world.” With children exposed to the guidance of terrorists like Khader Habib, that dream remains well out of reach.

Habib declared that

the message of the children of Palestine today is a message of love to the whole world.

The love that we bear in our hearts is enough to be distributed among all the people of Earth. . . However, it is this Zionist enemy that kills the children, the women, and the elderly, and is occupying the land. It is this enemy that forces us to bear arms, and protect our mothers and fathers, our elderly, and the honor of our womenfolk.

–always a top priority among Muslim terrorists.

The terrorist leader said that his brainwashed child-soldiers had a special message for the Jews: “We do not want to kill anyone. We are not terrorists or murderers. We do not want to kill you. Get out of our land. Palestine has its owners. Do not force us to kill you.”

According to Habib, the  Islamic Jihad movement emphasizes

armed resistance, [and] has not granted legitimacy to Israel’s existence anywhere on Palestinian soil. . . .

And if that’s not a call for the peaceful coexistence of two states, side by side, what is?


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