Rape Jihad in Israel

Two Arabs have been arrested and a third is being sought for the gang rape of a mentally and physically disabled Israeli woman. The three were said by police to have “nationalist” motives. The assault took place over Independence Day, and was preserved for posterity by the assailants.

Imad Al-Din Daraghmeh, 42, is accused of filming as he and two other attackers raped, urinated, and spit on the young woman – all while berating her with anti-Semitic slurs. He also allegedly threatened to murder her aunt and brother if she complained to the police.

The second Palestinian Authority Arab suspect arrested is underage and a third suspect escaped and remains at large.

“Nationalist” is the term used by Israeli police to distinguish terrorist attacks from those with a criminal motive.

News of the attack and the arrests was suppressed by the police for ten days with a “media gag order,” out of concerns that the information would “spark unrest.” An outraged Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Thursday

“This is a shocking crime that must be condemned across the board. But for some reason such a condemnation hasn’t been heard – not in the press and not across the political spectrum. . . .

“We can only imagine what would have happened if the tables were reversed,” suggesting that the outcry would have been stronger had Jewish men raped a disabled Palestinian woman.

As was the case following the New Years Eve migrant assaults in Europe, the attack has stirred debate in Israel, with Knesset members of the Left and Right accusing feminists of “silence,” and the police of possible negligence.

In a tiresomely familiar equivocation, journalist and feminist activist Nitzan Levenberg warned that the incident “shouldn’t be used to slander a specific group.”

“Those who did it are bad people regardless of their ethnicity  . . . The practice of expressing shock and outrage over violence against women only when the perpetrators are the ‘enemy’ exists all around the world . . .. It highlights the view of female sexuality as a tool of war, and such cases are used as a justification for bigoted and racist viewpoints.”

–and the practice of suppressing information about the ethnicity of the perpetrators lest the yahoos make racist generalizations exists wherever leftist elitists gather.

How is identifying the ethnicity of the perpetrators “slander”? They are members of the ethnic group they are members of. In a case where the perpetrators are shouting ethnic slurs at their victim, the ethnic element has already been introduced, and is at least part of the motivation for the attack. Had the victim been an Arab, she would not have been the victim.

But Nitzan Levenberg is also correct that ethnicity is not necessarily the motive. More likely religion –which is to say, the religion of the perpetrators –is becoming the reason for this sort of attack, as the jihad proceeds apace.


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