Rino Rampage

Now that the people have spoken, the RINOs are taking their ball and going home.

Leading the herd is Paul Ryan. Ryan, you’ll remember, is the person whose assumption of the House Speakership from “Cryin’ John” Boehner at first filled republicans with hope, but then subsided into surrender-as-usual. Ryan was asked by CNNs Jake Tapper if he would support Trump after Donald Trump’s victory in Indiana, which led to the “suspension” of the campaigns of both Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

“To be perfectly candid with you, Jake, I’m just not ready to do that at this point. I’m not there right now,” Ryan told CNN host Jake Tapper.

He continued: “I hope to, and I want to. But I think what is required is to unify this party. And I think the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee.”

Also not playing is presidential race loser Mitt Romney:

“I’m certainly going to be hoping that we find someone who I have my confidence in who becomes nominee. I don’t intend on supporting either of the major party candidates at this point,” he said.

And there is also failed presidential hopeful John McCain, who concedes that he will support Trump, now that “republicans have spoken” but laid the groundwork to blame Trump should he fail in his contest to win yet another re-election to the Senate. He said he may be in “the race of my life” because of Trump.

Failed former inevitable candidate Jeb! Bush said he won’t support Trump. Or Hillary either.

And of course, the man who epitomizes the RINO breed, Lindsey Graham said no to supporting Trump.

So that’s five — wait, no, sorry –FOUR votes that Donald Trump will just have to do without.


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