Rapist Migrant Picks Wrong Victim

An admitted rapist being held for his part in the gang rape of a Viennese student picked the wrong intended victim for his next attack. The allegedly 16-year-old refugee attacked a female warden in the  jail where he is being detained. But the warden, described as a  martial arts expert, promptly put him down and pinned him to the floor. He was carried back to his cell by her colleagues.

The alleged child migrant is one of three arrested following the rape of a 21-year-old student in the Praterstern Station in Vienna.  The three assailants, all alleged to be between 16 and 17 years old, are Afghan asylum seekers.

According to reports,

the trio were arrested after they had followed a 21-year-old student into the women’s toilets, and then used a coin to open the door lock while she was inside. They are accused of then pinning her down and raping her.

The victim immediately called for help, and the three asylum seekers were arrested near the station.

All three initially denied involvement, but have since all admitted to taking part. They were also positively identified by the victim.

The Praterstern Station area has been the location of a number of recent rapes and attacks by Muslim migrants, with a rape in January and an attempted rape in March.


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