Let’s Play Fantasy Candidacy!

Fantasy Candidacy is a reality-based activity in which the participants of a fantasy political class serve as the campaign managers of the presidential ticket of political parties. The competitors choose their ticket roster by participating in a draft in which all declared candidates are available. Points are based on the actual performances of the players in real-world competition.

Following his trouncing in the Northeast primaries Tuesday, and Donald Trump’s favorably received foreign policy speech on Wednesday, Ted Cruz decided it was time to start picking his Fantasy Candidacy roster. And playing in the Vice President position is early primaries drop-out Carly Fiorina!

Desperately seeking momentum after his third-place primary finishes in five states, slim-chance Republican presidential candidate 

Ted Cruz on Wednesday tapped former technology executive Carly Fiorina to serve as his running mate, an unusual move for an underdog candidate that reflects the increasing urgency for the fiery conservative to reverse his downward trajectory.

In a new variation on Fantasy Candidacy, the Texas Senator, a self-styled “outsider,” made his announcement in Indianapolis, the state capital of Indiana. The Cruz campaign met last week with that of even-less-likely candidate John Kasich  to divvy-up the remaining Republican primaries. Together they decided that Indiana would go for Cruz, while New Mexico and Oregon would go for Kasich.

Remember, players: points are based on actual performance.

Soros-funded John Kasich has yet to announce his Fantasy Candidacy roster. Did somebody say Jeb!?




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