Budget Shortfall ? Here’s an Idea . . .

The Hindu is reporting  that “cash-strapped” ISIS is raising funds by killing its own wounded soldiers to harvest their organs.

The terrorists are suffering a budget shortage after their recent loss of territory in the Southern part of Mosul and for the same reason it is reportedly killing its own militants who have been injured in southern Mosul to take out their body organs such as hearts and kidneys to sell them in the black market, the Iranian FARS news agency reported.

It also cited Spanish daily El Mondo as saying that faced with an increased number of wounded members in the Syrian army and popular forces’ attacks, the IS is using the body organs of its captives for transplantation.

Not sure how reliable the FARS new agency is, but the story has appeared elsewhere as well.

The report echoes a similar complaint brought by the Iraqi Ambassador to the UN last year. Mohammed Alhakim said that

 . . . bodies have turned up in mass graves bearing surgical incisions and missing organs such as kidneys. Ambassador Mohamed Alhakim leveled the charge as he asked the Security Council to investigate whether ISIS is harvesting and selling the organs of those it executes . . .. “We have bodies,” Alhakim told his international counterparts. “Come and examine them. It is clear they are missing certain parts.”

The latest incidents are in response to financial difficulties for the terrorist group. ISIS’s income has reportedly dropped by 30% since last year.

The fall in the world oil price has taken the largest toll, with daily oil revenues having topped $1.5 million at their peak. But the loss of terroritory has meant a drop in tax revenue, as well as ransoms from kidnappings, sales of slaves, bank robberies, and the ever-popular black market sale of looted historical artifacts.

The number of people currently living in the Jihadi-controlled area has dropped to fewer than six million, down from nine million at the start of 2015.


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