Isis Playing Right Into Donald Trump’s Hands

Same with CAIR. And the EU Migrants. And the Democrat Party.


If you really want to guarantee a victory for Donald Trump in November, just keep on criticizing him for trash-talking the terrorists. You’re playing right into his hands.

With their attacks, beheadings,  enslavements, rapes, destruction of historical treasures, and videos, ISIS has demonstrated that they are not a serious terrorist organization. If they were, they would know that their constant baiting of  American Republican presidential contenders, notably Donald Trump, is exactly what the right wing wants. ISIS should realize that preventing Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee, and preventing a Republican victory in November,  is more important than killing a bunch of strangers at an airport. Lots of splashing blood, flying body parts, screaming Allahu Akbar as one self-detonates, and threatening even more tiresomely over-dramatic carnage simply is not in the best interests of Radical Islamic Terrorism, long-term.

Hamas-linked CAIR sometimes seems to get this. They tend to keep a low profile, just quietly giving material support to terrorists, while sobbing in front of media cameras about how Muslims are suffering under a tidal wave, sorry, tsunami of Islamophobia. But even they can’t resist the siren song of criticizing Donald Trump. Don’t do it! That’s exactly what he wants!th7HU2E6RK

CAIR spokesperson Nihad Awad, (photo left), has been particularly naive when it comes to understanding the Trump strategy. His habit of constantly moaning and whining and screeching ISLAMOPHOBIA! every time a Muslim is, say,  obliged to yield when merging onto the highway, gets a little old. People roll their eyes and smirk, which is exactly what Donald Trump wants.

Nihad must realize that Americans, once only concerned with freedom, justice, earning a living,  and giving their children a better life, are now susceptible to video games and reality TV. Enter Donald Trump.

Everyone in America knew who this guy was long before he declared his candidacy. The media strategy of the Trump campaign means that American voters, once less vulnerable to Republican recruitment, are now part of that political party’s target audience.  Every time a Muslim terrorist kills people at a concert, or while quietly having dinner, or riding on the Metro, the video will show up on the news, and it will be all over social media in no time. And a few more voters will become Trump supporters. You’re playing right into his hands!

Trump support can happen anywhere. Sometimes people will be innocently watching a network news broadcast, for example, and they’ll hear about some hijab-wearing airplane passenger having to put up with a flight attendant opening her can of diet coke! The news anchor might express complete sympathy with the poor Muslim, who is demanding $60 million dollars in damages, as well as an apology from the flight attendant, the airline,  and Donald Trump. The viewers will look at each other, declare “This is complete bullsh*t,” and wham! Trump supporters.

So imagine how many supporters he gains when the media flash the photo of that brother and sister, now deceased, who were at the airport in Brussels. Not smart. Somebody dropped the ball.

Keep this in mind the next time you decide you want to bring a fake bomb to school, or throw a gay man off the roof, or rape a little boy at the swimming pool, or enslave an entire village, or grope the children at the bus-stop, or marry the 9-year-old, or flog the woman with her hair showing, or kill all your co-workers, or kill all the marathon runners, or kill all the Jews.

And ask yourself if it can’t wait until after the November elections.


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