We Can’t Because . . . Islam


Residents in over 170 nations around the world are set to participate in this year’s “Earth Hour” on Saturday. The countries will turn off non-essential lighting for one hour on Saturday March 19 to symbolize their commitment to saving the Earth’s environment. Hugh swaths of the planet will voluntarily resemble North Korea, as residents do without artificial light. International landmarks like Big Ben will go dark during that hour as, worldwide, municipalities join in the observance.

But in Sweden, specifically the town of Östersund with about 45 thousand residents, the city authorities have nixed plans to have the city go dark, out of fear of the Religion of Rape.™

Police have instructed women to not go outside alone at night following a spate of sex attacks, and police patrol in search of the perpetrators who have so far avoided capture.

There have now been 14 separate reports of sex attacks in the town, with victims ranging from grown women to 10-year-old girls. Police have refused to release details of the suspects they are seeking — as is usual in a country where police took the decision last year to combat racism by not discussing the ethnicities of crime suspects — but victims have described “foreign origin” attackers.

The danger is considered so great the symbolic act of turning the town’s municipal lights off for one hour is considered too much of a risk.

Earlier this month, police in Östersund warned women to observe what amounted to a dusk-to-dawn curfew in response to sexual assaults. The town has seen the attempted rape of two  10-year-old girls waiting at a bus stop, as well as molestations, beatings, and several other attacks. Citizen groups have begun  patrolling the streets at night.

The town is the site of a large migrant camp, housing as many as 500.


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