Soros Funds Kasich


If you’re wondering about John Kasich’s new vocal support for illegal immigrants,  a report published by Breitbart tells us the reason: money from  Soros. Yes, Ohio Governor and current Republican hopeful John Kasich, race-based agitprop pressure group LaRaza, and anti-Trump thug organizers MoveOn are all funded by the Soros money machine. George Soros also funded the “spontaneous” Ferguson protests.

A man is judged by the company he keeps, Governor.

According to the Center for Responsive Government, Soros Fund Management is one of the top funders of the Kasich campaign. Of course in campaign funding the “which came first ?” question should be addressed: Is Kasich receiving funding from left-wing open borders advocate Soros because of his views, or are his views a result of funding from Soros. It’s entirely possible that John Kasich’s radical views are long-held, which makes him even less qualified to be the Republican nominee.

Kasich’s positions on immigration are a tiresome blend of kumbaya pseudo-religiosity,  open-borders we’re-all-humans globalism, and Chamber of Commerce / no-upward-pressure-on-wages corporate capitalism.

He has called illegal immigrants a “critical part” of American society, claimed that he “can’t imagine” removing illegals from their homes, and likened removing illegal aliens from the US to the “internment of Japanese during WWII.” He insists that illegal aliens are “god-fearing, family-oriented” people who are “contributing significantly” to this country, and can’t be deported because they are made in the “image of the Lord.” He wants guest workers to “come and go” as they please, wants to “enact amnesty within 100 days” of taking office, and stop deportations because they are “inhumane.”

Kasich made no mention of the fact that 87 percent of illegal alien households with children in 2012 were on welfare, according to a 2015 report based on Census Bureau data.

Kasich similarly made no mention of last year’s report from the liberal Migration Policy Institute which found that there are nearly one million illegal aliens in the United States with criminal convictions (820,000). This total is not an estimation of total crimes committed by illegal immigrants–which would be a much higher number–but only those illegal aliens successfully identified, arrested, tried and convicted.

Maybe Soros is right to fund such a like-minded candidate. The question is, what makes Kasich think he’s a Republican?


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