Back to the Drawing Board


In a blow to president Obama’s plan to pressure or embarrass Republicans into considering his nominee to fill the current Supreme Court vacancy, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval on Thursday removed his name from consideration.

The Governor is a moderate Republican. He was reportedly being vetted for consideration for the Supreme Court seat open as a result of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, but has said that he was not yet contacted by the White House.

His withdrawal of his name from consideration saves the Republican-controlled Senate from any pressure from within the party to consider a Republican nominee. Prominent senators have vowed not to consider any nominee put forward by the current president.

Meanwhile, OFA  –“Organizing For America”, the latest incarnation of “Obama for America” –has sent at least three missives on the subject to its followers, the latest encouraging them to sign a petition telling the Senate to “do its job” and vote on Obama nominees. Considering how often the then-Democrat -controlled Senate failed to take up judicial nominees during the Bush administration, it is to laugh.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Grassley are scheduled to meet with Obama on Tuesday to discuss the Court vacancy, but the senators say they intend to honor their decision to wait until a new president is in office to consider a nominee.

In a written statement, McConnell and Grassley said

We look forward to reiterating to [Obama] directly that the American people will be heard and the next Supreme Court justice will be determined once the elections are complete.


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