They’re Not Housebroken


Germany is attempting to “educate” its new migrants through a poster campaign. The posters show the new arrivals what is expected of them in the way of proper behavior in their new home. Included are instructions not to grope or molest the women, and not to defecate in the shower.


Do Syrians defecate in public showers in Syria?

I have never been to Syria, but none of my well-traveled friends has ever mentioned that there is a problem with public defecation there.

We are assuming, of course, that the approximately 1,000,000 new migrants to Germany are in fact refugees from war-torn Syria. And that the reason they are apparently relieving themselves on the floors of public showers in Germany is because they don’t know any better, and aren’t sure what is expected of them in their new European home.

And, of course, we can be sure that the reason they are molesting women -and children, it must be said, some as young as three years of age  -is because they simply haven’t been educated to know that this behavior is unacceptable.

Here in America, when one is considering adopting a dog from a shelter or the county pound, a major concern, if it is an adult dog, is whether or not the animal is housebroken. If the dog will spend at least part of its time indoors, it is essential that the animal be able to control its urges and not use the floor as a toilet. And  -at least as important -the animal must be taught not to try to mate with the coffee table, or hump the legs of family members or guests.

Good behavior is a must if one is welcoming a new animal into one’s home.

But let’s tell the truth: No one really believes that the reason the migrants are assaulting women and children, and relieving themselves in public showers or on trains is because they don’t know what is expected of them. They aren’t from Mars, and they have adapted to the use of smart phones well enough.


No, the reason they rape, and molest, and intimidate the native populations and their children; the reason they leave their excrement for someone else to clean up; the reason they left a trail of garbage and debris and human waste across Europe, all along their routes to the most generous countries to settle in; the reason they throw their trash off the balconies of their free accomodations in a foreign land, and taunt the police, and spit on their theft victims, and scream and shout and swear and lie, lie, lie when hauled into courts of law when finally charged with a crime; is because they are Islamic supremacists who are convinced of their own superiority to the “infidel” inhabitants of the European countries they are invading, and have nothing but contempt for their hosts.


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