German Feminist says Rapes a Weapon of War

41qzmWpffCL__SL500_AA300_A leading German feminist has condemned the organized sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve as acts of Islamic terror. Alice Schwartzer is a prominent contemporary German feminist, who has also protested the wearing of Islamic headscarves in public. She is founder and publisher of the German feminist journal EMMA.

“After the events in Cologne I keep reading the so-called young feminists arguing that ‘rape is a German problem also’ . . .. But the assaults committed by Muslim migrants in Cologne and elsewhere on New Years Eve were of “a new quality, a completely different dimension” than the sexual violence committed by German men.

She argues that the mass rapes on New Year’s Eve were a form of “war strategy”. In her words:

“In all the wars the systematic rape of women is part of the war strategy. Because sexual violence against women reaches two people. First: Man breaks the women. Secondly, to humiliate their husbands. That would be really a controversial political dimension: Kalashnikovs, explosives belt and now sexual violence.”

In an interview with Die Welt, she also said that there are many in Germany who are “critical  . . . of so many migrants and refugees in Germany and their failure to integrate.” They “fear the racism accusation.” But that after Cologne, “this bubble has now burst”.

Schwarzer says that the “grotesque” contradictions in modern feminist discourse, namely the tendency to excuse Muslim violence against women, is a form of racism, and insisted that feminists should not “patronize” Muslims by excusing their intolerance and crimes.

“Political correctness should not prevent us from free thinking,” she said, “Because it’s not about people, but about ideology.”



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