Common Sense Pipe Bomb Controls

The President today called on Congress to enact “common sense pipe bomb controls” in response to the Muslim terrorist massacre in San Bernardino, California.

“How long will we continue to allow this sort of workplace violence, that is completely unrelated to the Religion of Peace, to continue? It’s embarrassing to have to see yet another bomb attack by these homegrown folks, whose motives we may never know.” the President told reporters late Friday afternoon.

One of the terrorists, Syed Faruk, was born in Chicago, to Pakistan-born parents, while Tashfeen Malik was from Pakistan.

All four guns used in the attack were purchased legally, according to police: the two handguns by one of the Muslim terrorists, and the rifles by another person – but not in California, since they are illegal. Despite the rifles being illegal, and of course, murder being illegal, the Muslim terrorists used them to murder a total of fourteen people, and to injure another 21.

Three pipe bombs were also found taped together on to a remote-controlled car, but they failed to detonate. The controller was similar to the model car controller used in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, where adherents of the Religion of Peace launched an attack, which was completely unrelated to anyone’s religion, on participants and bystanders, killing three and wounding over 130.

A total of 12 pipe bombs, and thousands of rounds of ammunition,  as well as Islamic books and children’s toys, were found in the Muslim Terrorists’ home.

The President refused to speculate on the motive for the attack. “I’m totally stumped, ” he said.




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