Merry Christmas


For unto you  is born this day  in the city of David  a Saviour, which is Chist the Lord.                                       – Lk 2:11


Happy Winter Solstice



Newgrange is the best known Irish passage tomb and dates to around 3200 B.C. At dawn on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year (December 21st) and for a number of days before and after, a shaft of sunlight enters the chamber through an opening in the roof box.

To the Neolithic culture of the Boyne Valley, the winter solstice marked the start of the New Year – a sign of nature’s rebirth, promising renewed life to crops, animals and humans.

Creeping Liberalism


On Sunday, Saudi Arabia held its first elections allowing women both to vote and to run for office. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, but since 2005 it has held municipal elections for 2100 councils to decide local matters, such as budgets and zoning questions.

A total of 980 female candidates tossed their hijabs in the ring. Women were successful in their bids for 20 council seats. There were 130,000 women registered to vote, compared to 1.35 million men, so it appears that more than a few Saudi men considered the woman to be the best candidate.

Saudi Arabia ranked 127th out of 136 countries for gender equality, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2013 Gender Gap Report.

Under Saudi Wahhabism, women -regardless of their age -are required to have a male guardian. A woman must have her guardian’s permission to marry or divorce, travel, get an education, work for pay, open a bank account, or undergo some medical proceedures.

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are forbidden to drive. Strict sex segregation is enforced in public and most private settings.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the women of the Saudi Kingdom.


Don’t Fear the Rhetoric

Loretta Lynch, the latest occupant of the US Attorney General’s office, assured a gathering of the Muslim Advocate,  a legal advocacy group for Muslim rights, that her greatest concern has been the “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric . . ..  [T]hat fear is my greatest fear.”

Incredible as it seems, this grown woman, in one of the most powerful positions in government, identifies as her greatest fear that people are saying mean things about members of a group that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people since 9/11, and hundreds in the past week alone. It is not the murdered and maimed that bother her, not the loss of life, the terrified survivors, the stunned witnesses afraid to resume their normal activities, etc. No, that’s tame stuff for our AG. What terrifies her is the very idea of other people saying things she doesn’t like.

 When we talk about the First Amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted.

So any of you people who thought that actions had a particular nationality, and that that nationality was American, better think again. Actions predicated on violent talk will be prosecuted if committed by anyone who is not an African American.

Oops! Who said that?

Sure Black Lives Matter routinely engages in rhetoric inciting the murder of cops. And on several occasions that rhetoric has been followed by incidents of murder of cops. But it is the classic post hoc fallacy to connect the dots. Unless you’re talking about some angry ignorant white Rebublican yahoos bad-mouthing the peace-loving Muslims because of the massacre of an office full of people by their Muslim co-worker and his wife. Just look at the imaginary uptick in the number of hate crimes against Muslims!

And sure Louis Farakhan directly and explicitly called for his followers to “rise up” and kill white men, to “stalk them and kill them”. But nobody did it, for all we know. You know Louis –such a joker.

The Attorney General doesn’t care about that. That’s not who she is.



Common Sense Pipe Bomb Controls

The President today called on Congress to enact “common sense pipe bomb controls” in response to the Muslim terrorist massacre in San Bernardino, California.

“How long will we continue to allow this sort of workplace violence, that is completely unrelated to the Religion of Peace, to continue? It’s embarrassing to have to see yet another bomb attack by these homegrown folks, whose motives we may never know.” the President told reporters late Friday afternoon.

One of the terrorists, Syed Faruk, was born in Chicago, to Pakistan-born parents, while Tashfeen Malik was from Pakistan.

All four guns used in the attack were purchased legally, according to police: the two handguns by one of the Muslim terrorists, and the rifles by another person – but not in California, since they are illegal. Despite the rifles being illegal, and of course, murder being illegal, the Muslim terrorists used them to murder a total of fourteen people, and to injure another 21.

Three pipe bombs were also found taped together on to a remote-controlled car, but they failed to detonate. The controller was similar to the model car controller used in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, where adherents of the Religion of Peace launched an attack, which was completely unrelated to anyone’s religion, on participants and bystanders, killing three and wounding over 130.

A total of 12 pipe bombs, and thousands of rounds of ammunition,  as well as Islamic books and children’s toys, were found in the Muslim Terrorists’ home.

The President refused to speculate on the motive for the attack. “I’m totally stumped, ” he said.