The Pig in the White House

On Wednesday and continuing today, Mr Obama attacked Republicans for disagreeing with his plan to flood the United States with Muslim migrants, and largely did so by trying to feminize those who disagree with him.

First the old canard that irrationality is somehow tied to the uterus: “We don’t make good decisions if it’s based on hysteria . . .” This was soon followed by snide suggestions that Republicans are afraid of “widows and orphans,” and specifically, 3-year-old orphans.

Just for the sake of argument, I doubt that the rape rate in Sweden has risen by 1472% because of 3-year-old perpetrators, whether their parents are living or not. But maybe Obwana somehow got confused and is thinking of the victims of Muslims.  Some 3-year-olds in that company, alas.

And think of a few of the more famous widows:

Jackie Kennedy, Coretta Scott King, Mary Todd Lincoln, Joan Rivers, Nancy Reagan. Contemptibly helpless, eh? No criminals in that number as far as we know, but one of them managed to tick off Onana to the point where she died in mysterious circumstances a few days later.

Just sayin’.

So wrong again, Mr. President.

Obama was telling us all about how the “JV” team “ISIL” was contained, and hours later came the deadly ISIS attacks on Paris. (Here’s my theory about why only Obama –and a very few of his lick-spittle sycophants in the media and in his own administration — says “ISIL”: He’s afraid to utter the name of the Goddess. As a Muslim, he feels “unsafe” even pronouncing the name of a powerful female deity, especially one worshipped in Egypt, where Obama’s dear friend Morsi languishes in prison.)

Why would anyone in their right mind take Obama’s word for anything, and particularly anything to do with world affairs or the security of the United States? After all,  he’s a crap golfer too, and that –unlike the safety of Americans — is something he really cares about.

He’s not only wrong, he’s positively malevolent. He is determined to destroy this country, and he’s running out of time. So HURRY! and flood the country with as many Muslims as possible so we can continue the destruction before it’s too late. And never mind that he has no legal authority to do so.

Obama even has the, yes, audacity to tell us that a “religious test” for refugees is un-American (I guess he asked somebody.) But in Obama’s America, only Muslims make the cut, while most Christians -who are fleeing actual persecution at the hands of –you guessed it –Muslims, are sent back, and only ONE Yazidi has been admitted. Quel miracle! Exactly the way Obama would have it, if he were able to apply a “religious test.”


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