Too Little, Too Late as the Rape Jihad Continues

On Thursday, Sweden reimposed border controls for the first time in 20 years. They began checking trains entering the country south of Malmo, the first station after leaving Denmark, and now a Muslim enclave. But migrants are only turned away if they are traveling through Sweden on their way elsewhere. Those wishing to  apply  for  asylum  in  Sweden are taken by bus to . . . Malmo.

In the wake of the massive influx of migrants seeking asylum in Europe, the incidence of rape has risen proportionately. That is, in proportion to the number of Muslim migrants admitted.  In the words of British polical activist Anne-Marie Waters, “It’s true, women are abused everywhere, but in most countries it’s against the law. In Islamic states, it is the law.” 

Sweden,  the rape capital of Europe, has held on to its title, but France, and especially Germany, are gaining ground. Which is to say, losing ground, if the intention is to have a civilization. And a civilization where the women and children don’t need an armed escort to go to school or work or the grocery store, or just outside to look at the stars.

Sweden’s rape rate has increased by 1472% (yes, that is the correct number)  since Sweden’s parliament decided in 1975 to welcome immigrants in an effort to become a multicultural society. As published by the Gatestone Institute

Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries. According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants.

The explosion in the Swedish rape rate coincides with the influx of Muslim immigrants from Iraq, Syria and Somalia, but it is difficult to establish  direct causation since registration specifying religion or ancestry is illegal, and 2nd generation immigrants are considered Swedes.

The UK has also proved a pioneer of the spiraling rape rate, coupled with a reluctance on the part of the police to identify what is happening, and who is responsible. In an almost unbelievable dereliction of duty, the police of Rotherham kept their mouths shut about organized rape gangs preying on an estimated 1400 adolescent girls. Why risk being called a racist, when instead you can let the country’s children be repeatedly raped, gang-raped, beaten and abused, for years and years, by “Asian” immigrants?

But Angela Merkel’s Germany is refusing to be outdone. By Mid-August there were already reports of a “rape culture” prevailing in refugee camps, with women and children regularly subject to sexual assault by their fellow asylum seekers. Women feared walking around in the camps even during the day. German women’s groups described a situation where women were obliged to sleep in their street clothes, and avoided using toilet facilities at night.  Rapes, sexual assaults and forced prostitution had been reported, and police were reluctant to act, claiming a lack of evidence.

By now it has become a commonplace for the so-called refugees– an estimated 70 – 80% of whom are young men– to prey on the women of their host countries.

In a particularly telling story which seems emblematic of the problem, a “No Borders” activist was gang-raped  when working with refugees on the French-Italian border. She did not report the crime for over a month, and says she was pressured to remain silent by other immigration activists lest she damage the cause.

And today there is the sad report of women being assaulted at a “Refugees Welcome” party given  in Bonn by a  pro-migrant aid society .  Apparently some of the men repaid their German advocates by molesting the women in attendance, refusing to leave, and refusing to stop the behavior. The sponsoring group is truly sorry.


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