Now About That Racism Charge . . .

In a new NBC / WSJ poll, Dr. Ben Carson leads the field for the Republican presidential nomination.

Oh come on, that can’t be right. Didn’t they notice that he’s an African-American? And as we have been told over and over and over again over the last eight years, Republicans just can’t handle a black man in the White House. The tea party is racist. The Republican party is racist.

Some Democrats have gone so far as to insist that Lincoln was a Democrat –though even a rudimentary familiarity with American history proves otherwise –because surely he couldn’t have been a Republican.

So how to explain Dr. Carson? Its almost as if Republicans have no problem with race.

Maybe their detestation of Obama has more to do with his policies –or lack thereof, in the case of a coherent foreign policy –and character. Maybe they don’t like him because he lies like breathing, breaks his promises, won’t come clean about his past, blames everything on somebody else, slanders those who oppose him,  breaks the law, rules like a dictator, and has generally tried to drive this country into the ground.

Republican support for Dr. Carson has something to do with his integrity, his undeniable accomplishments, the fact that he –unlike the current president –may actually be the smartest guy in the room.

And then there is the admiration that anyone would feel for Dr. Carson’s patient forbearance with the “gotcha” media and their faux-naif misconstrual of his gun ownership comments. So he’s also cool under fire.

Or maybe it’s just that the current Democrat “looks-like-America” candidate roster consists of a 60-something white woman and a 70-something white man. Take your pick.


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