Sauce for the Gander

The Fascist Left have really gone insane over Ben Carson.

First they went nuts because he had the temerity to suggest that a Muslim would not make a good president, since their fundamental belief system is irreconcilable with, well, Western Liberalism. You know, freedom of speech, and religion, and association; equality before the law for everyone including women and minorities; a whole list of other rights and freedoms, many of which are found in the Bill of Rights.

And we have all those rules and regs:  no raping children, no raping adults, no owning slaves, no hurling gays off the roof, no killing Jews or Christians, or Buddists, Hindus, Animists or Wiccans, or women who touch the hand of the guy handing them their grocery bag .

And here’s the real killer, so to speak: no cruel and unusual punishment, which means no cutting off hands and feet and heads, no lashings, and no crucifixions. Why, here in America, it is not even permissable to kill your daughter or sister because she married the man she wanted to marry. That’s the kind of thing that can really cramp the style of your dedicated Muslim.

Of course there are reasonable people who are Muslims who do not believe in or engage in any of those blah, blah . . . but the point is that all of these things are sanctioned by Islam and its Sharia Law code. So someone who accepts Sharia as the supreme law is not qualified to be the president of this country, and could not truthfully take the oath of office swearing to uphold the Constitution.

It’s really not debatable.

But the people who immediately savaged Ben Carson for pointing out that fact were not interested in debating anything. They were interested in denouncing Ben Carson as a racist and an “islamophobe.”

Dr. Carson is not one to shy away from controversy, and now he’s come out with the suggestion that armed people are better able to defend themselves than unarmed people. Where will it end?

Luckily, both actor Seth Rogen and GQ magazine were there to hold the line. As Rogan argued in a tweet: “F*ck you Ben Carson”.  And as GQ explained in a headline: “F*ck Ben Carson.”

Pithy. And also, as the Left says, racist.

You can’t just go around swearing in print at an African-American, however incoherently. If Ben Carson were, say, a racist preacher, or a murder-inciting shakedown artist, or a community organizer enamored of anything in a turban, or a hate-filled amateur numerologist, or a shill for every lie the current administration wants paraded on national TV, any hint of criticism would be labeled racist . Any hint.

Ben Carson’s race didn’t change when he declared his candidacy. So in keeping with the logic of the Left, Seth Rogan is a racist. And Drew Magary of GQ is a racist.


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