Why the Left Won’t Talk About the Victims of Iran’s Uprising (VIDEO)

Sisterhood is global . . . except when it doesn’t fit the Left’s narrative.


Source: Why the Left Won’t Talk About the Victims of Iran’s Uprising (VIDEO)


The Democrats’ War on Democracy

 “[T]he House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence voted yesterday to make public a memo asserting the FBI relied on the discredited Trump-Russia dossier to obtain court-ordered foreign-intelligence wiretaps against U.S. citizens, a breathtaking abuse of power.”

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“We owe these women our thanks.” –Al Franken

Wow, talk about empathy.

KABC Los Angeles news anchor Leeann Tweeden has accused Democrat Sen. Al Franken of kissing and groping her without her consent. And she has a photo to prove it.

The incidents occurred when both were doing a USO tour in 2006.  Franken has now apologized –despite claiming he doesn’t remember –and thereby admitted guilt.  Sordid details can be found here.

Franken responded to the Tweeden’s story shortly after its publication Thursday morning.

“I certainly don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit in the same way, but I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann. As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done it,” he said in a statement to CBS News.

 Big Al the alleged Senator certainly shouldn’t have done it, just as he shouldn’t have “joked” about raping Leslie Stahl, but the fact that he did puts the Democrats in something of a tough spot.

We’ve been subjected to the moralizing and high dudgeon of swamp creatures for many days, as they discuss what should happen to Judge Roy Moore, and then up crops yet another example of the predatory sexism of the Left, the Democrats, the Progressives.

Moore is running in a special election for Jeff Sessions’  former Senate seat against Dem. candidate Doug Jones. We haven’t heard much about Jones or his qualifications for office. That’s because the entire race now turns on a flood of sexual assault allegations from women –then teenagers –who dated Moore 38 years ago. Sordid details can be found here.

The Democrat party has a very, nay extremely high tolerance for predatory behavior towards women on the part of its men. One need only think of Mrs. Clinton’s husband, including his many excursions on the “Lolita Express.” Yet they are outraged when it is found that an adult man dated a teenager, regardless of the legal marriage age in the state, regardless of the parents’ consent or even encouragement, regardless of the mores of the time and place.

(It’s sort of like the national debt. The Democrats can spin up a debt that will beggar our grandchildren without hesitation. The dismal failure which was Obama’s “Stimulus Package” is a case in point. Yet let the Republicans pass a single tax relief bill, and the Democrat fretting begins: “Howwillwepayforit? Howwillwepayforit?”)

Also interesting is the fact that at the time of his alleged improper behavior with minors, Roy Moore was a Democrat.







Dream On

Here’s an idea:

Since Pres. Trump has ended Obama’s illegal DACA program, why don’t Mexican citizens brought to the US illegally by their parents display their national pride and desire for public service by returning to Mexico?

Now that they’ve been brought up in America, educated in American schools, and exposed to freedom-loving, equality-minded Americans for so many years, what could be better than to bring that education back to the land of their birth?  And do something to make Mexico the kind of country that people are not constantly trying to leave forever?

Of course, Dreamers have the not-inconsiderable handicap of having learned early that if you,  personally, can benefit from breaking the law, you should do it.  But you have to start somewhere.

And many Dreamers will have learned subsequently that breaking the law will sometimes cost you dearly, and not just at the hands of rival drug traffickers.

Together with Mexicans who have never left their country,  Dreamers can start working to reform their legal system, to  make laws that are reasonable and just, and reflect Mexican values,  and that are enforced equally whether the lawbreaker is a local bandito or a federal judge.

Mexicans can start working to raise the age of consent in their country. In many Mexican states, that age is currently 12. Sex tourism and child prostitution are not what a country should aspire to be known for.

Cockfighting, dog fighting, and yes even bullfighting could be outlawed or heavily regulated, so Mexico would no longer be a safe space for blood sports.

And instead of relentlessly claiming to be victims of racism here in America, Dreamers could return to Mexico to tackle the pervasive racism in their own country.

Mexico could start emphasizing education, job training, skilled industry, instead of going north to work as somebody’s maid or gardener. And being seen as “hard workers”, who nevertheless rate low pay.

Mexico is the 2nd largest supplier of imported oil to the US. Yet remittances from Mexican emigres to their families back home is the country’s 2nd largest source of income, surpassing tourism and agricultural exports.

Maybe some of those Dreamers with degrees in economics, in business or management, in government, in IT fields, might feel a tug of loyalty to their homeland, a desire to see their own country do well, and return to Mexico to apply their expertise where it might do so much good.



The End of the Affair ?

Hillary Clinton has at long last condemned her supporters for their racist violence.

In a belated attempt to disavow the support of the KKK, Hillary Clinton has issued a series of tweets blaming the violence in Charlottesville on Saturday on right-wing extremists.

In a string of tweets, Clinton expressed empathy for residents of the Virginia town, home of the University of Virginia, writing: “My heart is in Charlottesville today, and with everyone made to feel unsafe in their country.” . . .

Hillary blatantly blamed white supremacy for the spread of hatred in America.

“But the incitement of hatred that got us here is as real and condemnable as the white supremacists in our streets. Every minute we allow this to persist through tacit encouragement or inaction is a disgrace & corrosive to our values,” she wrote, adding, “Now is the time for leaders to be strong in their words & deliberate in their actions.”

During her abysmal failure of a Presidential bid,  Hillary won the endorsement of the California Chapter of the KKK.

The media remained almost entirely mute about the KKK support, as well as Hillary’s close ties to her “friend and mentor” KKK Grand Wizard Sen. Robert Byrd (D).

Instead, they repeatedly demanded that Donald Trump disavow the support of David Duke over and over and over again.

Interestingly, Hillary accused the extremists of “incitement of hatred,” rather than directly blaming them for the violence. Perhaps she was simply reluctant to alienate such an important part of the Democrat base.

Asked for comment, the leader of the racist hate-group Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan replied. “White men. Stalk them and kill them.”

“The Poison Papers” Reveal EPA Collusion with Chemical Industry

The Bioscience Resource Project and the Center for Media and Democracy recently released documents revealing  decades of collusion between the chemical industry and government regulators, most notably the EPA. The documents, available at PoisonPapers.org , detail a history of secrecy and cover-ups on the part of government agencies charged with regulating the use of harmful chemicals in industry and agriculture.

While the EPA was declaring your family’s cattle tank a wetland, and fining property owners for digging a pond on their own property, it was simultaneously colluding with industry to conceal the toxicity of widely used chemical agents, and to keep such information from the public.

The Poison Papers are a compilation of over 20,000 documents obtained from federal agencies and chemical manufacturers via open records requests and public interest litigation. They include scientific studies and summaries of studies, internal memos and reports, meeting minutes, strategic discussions, and sworn testimonies.
The majority of these documents have been scanned and digitized for the first time and represent nearly three tons of material. The regulatory agency sources of these documents include: the EPA, the USDA Forest Service, the FDA, the Veterans Administration, and the Department of Defense. Chemical manufacturers referenced in the documents include: Dow, Monsanto, DuPont, and Union Carbide, as well as many smaller manufacturers and the commercial testing companies who worked for them.

The government regulatory agencies involved include the EPA, the USDA  Forest Service, the FDA, the Veterans Administration, and the Department of Defense. The chemical manufacturers include Dow, Monsanto, DuPont, and Union Carbide.

Much of the material was collected by environmental writer and activist Carol Van Strum, author of Bitter Fog: Herbicides and Human Rights.

In her words:

 “[T]he stark truth revealed by these 50 years of documents is that the entire pesticide industry could not exist without lies, coverups, rampant fraud, and government enablers.”

Nor without unelected government bureaucrats working in secret and answerable to no one. The EPA has a history of “actions that are illegal, unethical and incompetent,” in the words of Forbes contributor Henry I. Miller. The agency has a

 longstanding practice of buying influence by doling out hundreds of millions of dollars each year to certain favored nonprofit organizations—money that, according to the inspector general and Government Accountability Office, is dispersed with no public notice, competition or accountability. The GAO investigators documented systematic malfeasance by regulators, including: (1) making grants to grantees who were unable to fulfill the terms of the grants; (2) favoring an exclusive clique of grantees without opening the grants to competition; (3) funding “environmental” grants for activities that lack any apparent environmental benefit; and (4) failing to ensure that grantees performed the objectives identified in the grants.

The Poison Papers revelations should put the agency out of favor across the political spectrum.

What is novel in the Poison Papers is the abundant evidence that EPA and other regulators were often knowing participants or even primary instigators of these cover-ups. These regulators failed to inform the public of the hazards of dioxins and other chemicals; of evidence of fraudulent independent testing; and of widespread human exposure. The papers thus reveal, in the often-incriminating words of the participants themselves, an elaborate universe of deception and deceit surrounding many pesticides and synthetic chemicals. The chemicals most often discussed in the documents include dioxins, herbicides and pesticides (such as 2,4-D, Dicamba, Permethrin, Atrazine, and Agent Orange) and PCBs. Some of these chemicals are among the most toxic and persistent ever manufactured. Except for PCBs, almost every chemical discussed in the Poison Papers is still manufactured and sold today, either as products or as product contaminants.